Welcome to Moonlight Sparkling Wine Cellar

metropole logoMoonlight Sparkling Wine Cellar was established in 2001 to produce a small quantity of high quality sparkling wine. We use the traditional process of fermenting the wine in the bottle. This gives the best carbonation or the so called "tiny bubbles". Each step of the process is done by hand.

About Café Metropole

Metropole Paris is a weekly news magazine about Paris. It is written By Ric Erickson in Paris and published every Monday at www.metropoleparis.com.

I first visited Paris in 1972 during a break from my work in an Austrian winery. Since then I have traveled to the Champagne region many times to visit friends, study the process, and purchase supplies and equipment. I discovered Café Metropole Club and enjoyed the information about Paris and attended several of the weekly meetings at Café La Corona. The wine I made is perfect for sipping in a European cafe while watching the world pass by. Ric created the label and allowed me to used the name. Moonlight Sparkling Wine Cellar is a sponsor of Café Metropole Club.